To add or edit services please do the following:

Login to your Hakema account. Go to Settings > Services > Add Service

To add a service, you will need its name, duration, description, price and the staff member or resource who will perform the service. (see video)


  • Service category (optional) - is useful to organize your service is various categories, for example, hair cut service, hair color services etc.
  • Service name - is mandatory and should represent what is service is about for e.g. Men Hair Cut, Children Hair cut etc
  • Duration of the service is in hours and minutes and may include any transition time i.e. the time you need to clean up and get ready for the next service. The minimum is 10 min and max. is 12 hours. 
  • Price is always in your local currency by default and should include all the local taxes.
  • A simple description of the service for your customers to see.
  • Resource or Staff member who will perform the service
  • Additionally, you can select a checkbox "show prices starting from" to indicate that service price may vary for e.g. women hair cut for small , medium and large hair may vary

Do not forget to press Confirm.