Here is how you can add and delete staff members or resources to your Hakema account.

  • Login to your account and go to“Settings”.  Login > Admin > Settings

  • On the right top corner of the page, find the button to "Add staff/resources" which are bookable. Click on Staff/Resource and then click the "Add Staff/Resource" button to add a new staff member.


  •  Add a First and Last name for the Staff member, upload a profile photo of the staff member and assign the services this staff member performs.  Optionally you can also add an email address and mobile no for the staff where they will be sent a notification of a booking made for them.

We strongly recommend adding a profile photo so your customers can instantly identify your staffs from your booking page. 

In addition to these details, should define general working hours for the staff. You can also set availability for each week separately. 

Do not forget to press Confirm and save the settings.