Not all customers may like to use your online booking system, no matter how easy and convenient it is. 

So for those customers, who still would like to call and make a booking, you can use Hakema and enter their bookings manually. 

It has the following advantages

  • Your calendar is up to date and other customer using the online booking can not book the same time, so you avoid double bookings
  • You can get customer's email and/or mobile number to which the system will send the booking confirmation and a booking reminder
  • In the booking confirmation email, the customer will get a link to manage the booking if they want for e.g. cancel the booking. This will help you to know the free slots ahead of time and you can book it again
  • You can also record customer marketing permissions. Using those customer permissions, you are able to send the customer email and/or SMS promotions from time to time

Here is how you can add a booking manually

  • Login to your Hakema account

  • Go to Admin >Calendar > Add Booking. You can also click at the correct time in the calendar and the same booking popup will appear.

  • Step 1: Select one or more service(s) for which the customers want to make a booking. Select the staff/resource who will provide the service. Select the start date and time. The end date and time will be populated automatically.

  • Step 2: Add the Customer's name, email (optional) and mobile number (optional).


  • Add your own comments (if any) for e.g. an existing customer and must be served with care.
  • You can also record customer marketing permissions for e.g. if the customer agrees to receive offers by email and/or SMS

Press Confirm and you will get a confirmation message on the screen. The customer will get the confirmation via email (if the email address was provided).  

The customer will also get an email reminder 2 days before the day of the booking and an SMS* reminder (If SMS service is ON) before the day of the booking.