Here are a few things to know about "Rating & Reviews" within Hakema.

After each appointment is over, the system sends a review request email to the customer within 24 hours of the service delivered.

Customer review request email includes link to rate his/her experience and also write a comment. (pic)

Once the customer provides a review, an email acknowledgment is sent to the customer and also the feedback is sent to the business with the review information. This email also includes service, date & time of appointment and customer contact details. This is done on purpose so that if the business gets any negative reviews, they can call the customer and resolve the situation. 

Reviews are against appointments, so a single customer can provide only a single rating. They also get an acknowledgement of the review they have provided. 

Businesses can see a summary of their reviews with distribution by going to Admin > Marketing > Reviews 

You also have a choice to turn OFF your Reviews. Though we do not recommend it. However, for some reason, if you want to turn them off, please contact us at  and let us know.