This is a simple starter guide that helps you to set up for your business.  

Once you have signed up, you will get an email with a set of instructions (below).


Step 1: Welcome 

After logging in, the setup wizard will help you to fill in all the details like your services, staff or resources, business working hours and so on. 

If you are not able to complete the information, no worries. The wizard will continue to assist you next time you log in to your account and you can fill in the remaining details.

Step 2: Business 

Click "Next" and go to the page where you can set up your business information.  

There you can enter the details of your business, like brief description, location etc.

Once you have entered all the details, the system will prompt you to save them. Click on "Save & proceed" so you don't lose the information.


Step 3: Contact Info

Here you can add more details about your business like contact email, phone number and website. You can also upload images and add your social media profiles, like Facebook and Instagram. 

Don't forget to save your changes before proceeding to the next page.


Step 4: Services

Here you can add all the services that you provide. You need to know the service durations, prices etc.

If you have more than one service, click on "Save & Add new". 

You can add any number of services you want. Once you have added all the services, click "Next".

Step 5: Staff/Resources 

Here you can add all the staff or resource details, including working hours. 

You can add more than one service for each staff member. This can be done from the Services option. It will display all the services that you have previously listed and let you select the right services for the staff member that you are adding. 

Make sure you have updated each staff member´s working hours. After doing so, the bookings will happen based on the staff availability.

You are now ready to start using the system. 

To make sure your customers can book your services, remember to integrate Hakema on your website or any other web property.

If you still have questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us at