We strongly recommend that you add a ‘Book Now’ button to your Facebook business page and increase your bookings!

Linking the Book Now button to your mobile optimised Hakema Free-Mini-Website will give your customers an easy and quick way to make bookings – without leaving your newsfeed.

We’ve added 5 easy steps below to add a link from your Facebook page to your Hakema Free-Webpage so you can start taking, even more bookings immediately!

  1. How to add a ‘Book Now’ button to your Facebook page. Copy your Hakema mobile optimised Free-Webpage URL. In your Hakema admin profile, go to Marketing >Media>Free Webpage and click on the button “View”. Copy the URL address from the top of the new browser window.

Hakema Freewbpage

2. Log in to your Facebook business page as an administrator and click ‘Create Call to Action’ – this should be located on your page banner beside the ‘like’ button.


3. Choose ‘Book Now’ as your call to action and paste the destination URL to your Free-Webpage that you’ve already copied from step one.

4. Choose ‘Website’ for IOS destination – this will take customers straight to your microsite in one click.



5. Select ‘Website’ for the Android destination then click Create. If you have a specific restaurant Android app, you can enter this here instead.

And that’s it! Your Book Now button is now installed.


Check our DEMO.