Yes, it is possible to close or disable one more services while keeping others active.

For example, if you have some service(s) that are either seasonal or done by a specific staff member and you are not able to provide them, then you do not need to delete those services. If you want to close or disable only one or a couple of services for e.g. a particular staff is not available for a single day, you can remove staff or resources from that service.

Follow these steps

  • Login to your Hakema account
  • Go to Admin > Settings > Services
  • Click on Edit Service icon, you will see the following screen
  • Click on (x) button to remove the resource for the service

  • Once you remove the resource from the service, it is not bookable anymore and you will see it in red-color (see below).

  • Now the service, Hair Color - Long Hair in this case, is no longer bookable. If you want to make it bookable again, you simply add the resource(s) back and then it can be booked again.