It is easy and 100% safe to pay for your subscription via our online payment system. Your credit card information is transmitted via a secure page where the certification is provided by

To pay for your subscription, log in to your Hakema Account. 

Then go to Business Name > Billing

Under Billing, Go to Plan. 

If you have already bought and paid for a subscription plan, here you can see your current subscription and its validity.  (see below)

If you have not yet bought any subscription, you can select your plan (based on the number of resources) and billing frequency i.e. monthly or yearly.

Simply add your credit card details and press "Pay with card". 

You will be asked to confirm your payment.

You can go ahead and confirm your payment. 

As soon as your payment is validated, you will get a success message on your screen. If addition you will get an email confirming your subscription activation, plan and payment details.

Once your subscription is charged and payment is processed, you will notice that your current plan is updated.

You can also find billing information in your Billing History section.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support anytime or email us at